Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grandparents Day - Grandparent Necklace

Have each of your students make a necklace to represent the unending circle that is formed by having a family.  Talk about family members pointing out grandparents and how they are an important part of the family circle. 

Prior to making the necklace invite students to start saving their empty toilet paper tubes.

Provide each student with enough tubes to create their own family members.  (Please be sensitive - not all families are alike)

Have on the work table scrapbook paper, wiggle eyes, yarn, string, markers, scissors, glue, and anything else you have available in your craft area for the children to use while making their family members.  I've provided the scanned image of the clothing I used for my family on the blog.  If you would like a copy....please feel free to ask!

Punch two holes on the back side of the tube so that yarn can be strung and tied to make a necklace once the children have finished creating their family.

Allow the children in your class to proudly share their necklaces with the other members of the class and their family.

If you would like a copy of the clothing that is shown in the pictures above...please contact Miss Jennifer at  Please be sure to leave your email address! 

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