Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Autumn - Fall Matching Game

Introduce FALL by playing this large sized matching game. I like to play this on the floor on a rainy day, but you may decide to place it in one of your centers for your students to use during center time. There are illustrations and the name of the object on each card. If you are working with older children you may use these word cards as spelling words for the week leading into your FALL FESTIVAL ACTIVITIES. However you choose to use them....I guarantee a great time!

Reproduce each playing card twice on white card stock paper. Turn them over and print the front of the playing card on each sheet you just printed. Laminate cards for durability!
Have fun matching!

If you would like the PDF file for the FALL MATCHING GAME.....please email Miss Jennifer at creativekritters@gmail.com. Be sure to leave me your email address!

Autumn - Autumn Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves spending time outside in the FALL. It's always so pretty with the leaves changing color and the chill in the air. I think this is a perfect time to spend some time with our families enjoying nature and the great outdoors. Why not send your students on an AUTUMN TREASURE HUNT?

As you can see above....there is a TREASURE HUNT sheet with some adventures to have the children go on with their families. They will be using their senses while seeking to find, collect, listen, and smell things. Use the other set of leaves to decorate a paper bag for each student to place items into while hunting for AUTUMN outside. You may decide to invite your students to bring their AUTUMN TREASURES to class the next day to share what they were able to collect. For each of the leaves on the TREASURE HUNT sheet encourage the children to color them in after they have found what they are hunting for.

Happy Hunting!

If you would like a copy of the PDF file for the AUTUMN TREASURE HUNT...please email Miss Jennifer at creativekritters@gmail.com.

Autumn - Hanging Scarecrow

Let your students help you make HANGING SCARECROWS for your classroom.

Supplies Needed:
* Paper Bag for each student
* Newspaper to stuff each paper bag with
* Pencil/Pen to punch a hole with at the top of the bag
* Ribbon or String
* Buttons
* Copy of Scarecrow Shirt - one per student
* Scissors
* Crayons (if you are allowing each student to design their own scarecrow)
* Glue
* Creative Crinkle for HAIR/STRAW

How to make your very own HANGING SCARECROW:

1. Have each student color/design their own scarecrow shirt or have them cut out the colored one shown on http://www.creativekritters.blogspot.com/.

2. Cut out SHIRT and set aside.

3. Open paper bag and careful poke a hole in the center of the bottom of the bag. I did this with a pen.

4. Take your pre-cut ribbon or string and poke it through the hole and loop it back down to tie a knot. The loop should be big enough for you to be able to hang the scarecrow from the ceiling, from a hook, or a door knob.

5. Stuff paper bag with newspaper and tie it shut with string.

6. Glue or attach SHIRT to the front of the paper bag around the neck area. Make sure the bottom of your paper bag is now the top of the scarecrows head.

7. Glue two buttons on for eyes.

8. Draw a smiley face - I used a sharpie!

9. Bunch together some Creative Crinkle and glue it on the top of the scarecrows head, sleeves, and pocket.

10. Hang your finished SCARECROW and scare all the CROWS AWAY!
To highlight your students Hanging Scarecrows...please sent pictures to Miss Jennifer at creativekritters@gmail.com.
If you would like a copy of the PDF file for the Scarecrow's Shirt...please email Miss Jennifer at creativekritters@gmail.com.

Autumn - Halloween Cupcake Spiders

As I prepare to share some fun Autumn Ideas I remembered these cute Halloween Cupcake Spiders that were made last Fall. They are so easy to make and your children will love them.

Supplies Needed:
* Cupcake Wrappers
* Wiggly Eyes
* Pipe Cleaner (I like to use black!)
* Glue (if you do not purchase wiggle eyes with a sticky back)
* Hole Punch

How to Create Spider:
Take your hand held paper hole punch and punchTHREE HOLES on each side of the cupcake wrapper. Slide pipe cleaner through the holes and bend into the shape of spider legs. Flip the cupcake wrapper aka spider so that it is now standing up. Glue on a set of wiggly eyes and you will have your very own Halloween Spider!
To share your student's Halloween Spiders....please email Miss Jennifer at creativekritters@gmail.com.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

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