Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn - Halloween Safety and Fun Tips

It's that time of year again - Halloween!  As you prepare your child or your classroom for trick-or-treating and other Halloween fun, please remind them of some important holiday tips.

If you would like the PDF file of the Halloween Safety and Fun Tips to reproduce for your classroom...please email me directly at  Please be sure to leave me your email address!

Happy Trick-Or-Treating!
Miss Jennifer

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Autumn - I'm A Little Apple

Your student's will love making these WOODEN SPOOL Apples to go along with the little song attached.  Include this activity as part of your teaching of the letter "A" or with a lesson based on FALL. 

I’m a Little Apple

Sung to: I’m a “Little Teapot”

I’m a little apple,
Short and round.
I make a crunchy,
Munchy sound.
If you bite into me,
You will see
I’m delicious as can be!

BY...Barbara Paxson

Supplies Needed:
* One Wooden Spool per Student (these come in a variety of sizes and can be found at your local craft store in the WOOD CRAFT section)
* Red, Green, White, and Brown Paper
* Red, Brown, and White Paint
* Paint Brushes
* Paint Tray
* Glue
* Brown Ribbon or String
* Wooden Stick or Brown Painted Lollipop Stick
* Scissors
* Hole Punch

How to Make:
1.  Paint the middle section of the wooden spool white.  Let Dry!
2.  Paint the top and bottom of the wooden spool red.  Let Dry!
3.  Paint the lollipop stick brown.  Let Dry!
4.  Cut out the green, red, and white apple pieces.  You may choose to have the song already printed on the white paper for the children.  Glue the red apple piece on top of the green apple piece for the front of the paper apple.  Glue the white apple piece with the song on the back of the green apple piece.  Punch a hole in the leaf.
5.  Cut out the brown apple seed.
6.  Cut out the green leaves and punch a hole in the middle.
7.  Once the paint on the wooden spool has dried.....glue the brown apple seeds to the middle of the apple.
8.  Slide the green leaves onto the stick/lollipop stick and put it down the middle of the wooden apple spool.
9.  Tie a ribbon from the wooden apple spool to the paper apple.
10.  Enjoy sharing the "I'm a Little Apple" song with your family!

I like serving apple slices as a snack after completing this project.


If you would like the PDF file shown above...please contact Miss Jennifer at  Please be sure to leave your email address!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Where do your grandparents live?

This activity can be done in a couple of different ways.  The first way would be to invite the students in your class to make their own paper doll grandparents and to share with the class where their grandparents live and a little about them - What their favorite things are and what they like to do when spending time with them, etc...  Put each set of paper grandparents up on a bulletin board after they have shared that information with the class.  I like to use ribbon or string to pin point the location and hang the grandparents out from the exact location in case you have more grandparents living in the same area.

Another way to do this would be to have the children decorate their own set of paper grandparents and mail them to their grandparents asking them to take pictures of them in the town they live in.  Grandparents love getting out doing fun things for their grandchildren and you'll be surprised at all the neat pictures that come back to your classroom.  This allows for even more conversation to take place between the child and the grandparent and then the class through the child's presentation, etc...

I like to use the pre-cut doll paper shapes made by CREATOLOGY.  They come in sets of 12 and can be purchased at most craft stores or online.  Be sure to have plenty of craft supplies handy for this project.  You will love what you see being created!

If you would like a copy of the WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE GRANDMA & GRANDPA sign....please contact Miss Jennifer at  Please be sure to leave your email address.

Happy Grandparent's Day!

Grandparents Day - Grandparent Necklace

Have each of your students make a necklace to represent the unending circle that is formed by having a family.  Talk about family members pointing out grandparents and how they are an important part of the family circle. 

Prior to making the necklace invite students to start saving their empty toilet paper tubes.

Provide each student with enough tubes to create their own family members.  (Please be sensitive - not all families are alike)

Have on the work table scrapbook paper, wiggle eyes, yarn, string, markers, scissors, glue, and anything else you have available in your craft area for the children to use while making their family members.  I've provided the scanned image of the clothing I used for my family on the blog.  If you would like a copy....please feel free to ask!

Punch two holes on the back side of the tube so that yarn can be strung and tied to make a necklace once the children have finished creating their family.

Allow the children in your class to proudly share their necklaces with the other members of the class and their family.

If you would like a copy of the clothing that is shown in the pictures above...please contact Miss Jennifer at  Please be sure to leave your email address! 

Grandparents Day - Grandparent Interview

It's informative to interview a grandparent, and what better fun than to do it on a tape recorder?  Use the school recorder on the day grandparents are visiting, or ask if the children can record an interview at home using their own machines.  Some teachers may ask the children to call their grandparents and conduct the interview via the telephone.  While interviewing have the children fill in the Grandparent Interview Sheet shown above.  If you are working with older children have them compare their grandparent's answers to the way they would have answered the questions if they were the one's being interviewed.  Younger children might like drawing a picture of their grandparents that they can include with their interview questionaire.  The children in your classroom or home will love spending this extra time visiting with their grandparents.

If you would like a copy of the Grandparent Interview Sheet....please email Miss Jennifer at  Don't forget your email address!

Autumn - Fabric Pumpkin

Are you looking for something fun to do at your Fall Festival?  This project is so simple and requires no glue or sewing.  Children, Parents, and Teachers will love making their very own FABRIC PUMPKIN to take home or to decorate the classroom. 

- A piece of fabric cut into a square (I like to use orange or black)
- Tissue Paper
- Roll of Toilet Paper
- Stick
- Ribbon

1.  Place fabric face down on the table.
2.  Place one sheet of tissue paper on top of the fabric.
3.  Place roll of toilet paper in the middle of the fabric and tissue paper.
4.  Stuff the piece of toilet paper into the middle of the toilet paper roll until it's all tucked in nicely.
5.  Stuff the fabric the same way you stuffed the tissue paper into the middle of the roll of toilet paper.
6.  Adjust fabric to make a pumpkin shape and place a stick in the middle.
7.  Tie decorative ribbon around the stick.

This is a gift that keeps on giving.....isn't this a great way to disguise toilet paper?

Happy Fall!